The Service Center LLP “AtyrauPromVentilyatsiya” provides a comprehensive maintenance service including; general maintenance, functional inspection, periodic inspections, warranty and planned maintenance, for HVAC equipment and utilities systems, ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Service technicians from LLP AtyrauPromVentilyatsiya, have many years of experience, diagnosing, repairing and servicing of all types of HVAC equipment and engineering systems of ventilation, heating and air conditioning:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of ventilation, heating and air conditioning;
  • Maintenance of individual systems and equipment (air-supply installations, central air conditioners, air conditioners, chillers, fan coils, etc.);
  • Electronic testing and monitoring of parameters of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems with modern test equipment;
  • Complex and non-recurring work on the diagnosis and maintenance of ventilation, heating and air conditioning;
  • Conducting pre-commissioning on newly installed and / or temporarily removed from operation equipment;
  • Warranty and repair of equipment;
  • Emergency call-outs for the repair of ventilation, heating, air conditioning and automatic controls.

Servicing and repair

Any complex engineering equipment, and especially those for climate control that work in exposed climatic conditions requires mandatory preventative maintenance.

The purpose of servicing is to ensure that systems of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning operate within the limits of their specifications, to ensure they continue to provide their designed output. Early diagnosis of the systems deviating from the designed output may prevent failure of the equipment.

Companies issue a guarantee for the equipment subject to routine maintenance being performed, as well as the timely identification of worn parts and assemblies. It is important to ensure routine maintenance is carried out so as not to invalidate this guarantee.

The main task of our service center is to ensure reliable operation of your equipment both during warranty and post-warranty operation. In addition,we can monitor the performance of your equipment and this allows us to quickly respond to problems arising from the operation of equipment and systems.

Contact our service center, where you can be sure that the maintenance of your equipment will be undertaken by trusted qualified professionals who use modern high-tech equipment.
Service staff undergo regular training at manufacturers training centers, thus maintaining a high level of service on HVAC equipment. Competence of our specialists is confirmed by certificates issued after training and exams.

Our Service Center LLP AtyrauPromVentilyatsiya works with clients on a long term basis, we can offer a service package subscription service (a year, 6 month, quarter, month), and for occasional use, while ensuring a rapid response, quality service and repair.

Work is normally performed onsite. If necessary however, more complex repairs can be carried out at our service centre.
Our specialists also are available for consulting and training clients in the basic operation and care of HVAC Systems.


If you have purchased your equipment from “AtyrauPromVentiliatsia” LLP or have signed a service agreement with us you can be assured of a quality service.

We give a guarantee on all equipment we sell and on all the work we undertake.

During the warranty period we will repair free of charge any factory defect of the equipment, or defective installation works.

When we enter into a service contract, we can take over the responsibility for repair and maintenance of you HVAC and control systems.

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Our Service department

In our service department we can offer

  • Warranty service;
  • General Service;
  • Repair of the equipment;
  • Sanitization of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems.

“AtyrauPromVentiliatsia” LLP is an authorized service center for VTS Clima across Western Kazakhstan. Employees of our engineering-service center were trained in Almaty in the main Service center of VTS Clima. We carry out the assembly of VTS Clima equipment, including the installation of control systems, electrical connection, and connections for both heating and cooling. We fully commission the equipment and programme the automatic controls. We provide a guarantee for all our works, we provide year round servvicing and after sales service of VTS Clima equipment.