Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems “on a turn-key basis”

“AtyrauPromVentiliatsia” LLP – Is a professional, dynamic, developing company specializing in providing a complete package of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems. Our service includes for the design, manufacture (in our own workshops), installation, commissioning and full after sales support. Our company which is based in Atyrau has been working in Western Kazakhstan since 2002.

“AtyrauPromVentiliatsia” LLP combines experience with the newest technology, our areas of expertise in creating whole building solutions includes:-

  • Industrial and warehouse buildings.
  • Office buildings.
  • Hotel complexes.
  • Trading-expo-centers.
  • Retail outlets, including individual shops and shopping complexes.
  • Domestic installations in houses and apartments.
  • Restaurants and Kitchens.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Sports complexes.
  • Theatres and cinemas.
  • Bars, Night Clubs and entertainment venues.
  • Medical institutions.

The company specializes in

  • Forced-air systems including fresh air makeup and exhaust air control including, local extraction of process equipment.
  • Air conditioning, either local or centralised.
  • Warm air heating systems
  • Automatic control of system operation, we include sensors for monitoring air quality.
  • Humidifying the air by either direct and steam type installations.
  • Extraction of air either centrally or locally.

We undertake the following works

  • Primary design and engineering consultation on the right system for each area;
  • Detail design of centralised air, ventilation, and heating systems including building automation.
  • Construction and installation, commissioning and handover of systems.
  • We guarantee all our works and we provide a full after sales service.
  • Verification of project designs, confirmation of calculations and equipment selection;
  • Procurement, manufacture and installation of existing project specifications;
  • We can also advise on replacement and upgrades to existing systems for enhanced more efficient operation. We can also check on current operation of existing equipment.

Our advantages:

  • Our experience covers all sectors of ventilation. We have many years of practical experience in design and installation. For modern buildings we can provide a complete ventilation solution, including heating, fresh air and cooling.
  • Our highly professional staff provides a quality service at all times throughout the project.
  • Our designs employ the latest technology and we strive to produce energy efficient systems using the latest calculation methods. This provides long term savings on the operation of the equipment.
  • Our quality systems ensure quality through design to handover of completed systems.
  • We provide a full after sales support service and a guarantee of all our works.
  • Our experience allows us to select the best systems for your project.
  • We provide full training to both operators and maintenance personnel and we support this with a full set of operating manuals.

“AtyrauPromVentiliatsia” LLP – our company comprises experts in the field of designing, installing and servicing systems of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning.

We constantly study the market of climatic systems, to keep up with new technologies and innovations this allows are engineers to carry out projects of any complexity, our final solution will be the best practicable one in agreement with our clients. We employ professionals with a background in climatic systems, and the company is established and known by our clients and other companies who also work in this market sector.

We approach each project individually to ensure the best solution, we take into account all factors, including capital cost, ease of installation, timescale of project, aesthetic looks and operating and maintenance costs.

We are compliant with the requirements SN&R, GOST and other normative documents.

We also provide a service to installations that do not operate correctly and we are able to design, modify and assist in rectification works where required.

To order call (7122) 45-70-10, 45-73-61, fax 45-74-23 or visit our office at Atyrau, Atambaev street, 29/4.