The overall performance of environmental systems in buildings is ultimately down to correct design. We specialize in designing systems of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating of any degree of complexity for buildings of various uses:

  • Industrial and warehouse buildings.
  • Office buildings.
  • Hotel complexes.
  • Trading-expo-centers.
  • Retail outlets, including individual shops and shopping complexes.
  • Domestic installations in houses and apartments.
  • Restaurants and Kitchens.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Sports complexes.
  • Theatres and cinemas.
  • Bars, Night Clubs and entertainment venues.
  • Medical institutions.

Our highly experienced design team uses the latest software design tools to quickly produce designs, the use of this technology allows us to compare various options and produce high quality design documents. All the design as made in accordance with building standards and regulations, Government Standards, hygiene standards, fire prevention standards and other directives that are applicable in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Our design service

We are capable of producing complex designs for buildings, industrial plant and other civil constructions. Our areas of expertise are

  • Ventilation, air conditioning, including heat exchangers and local ventilation we can also design central air-conditioning systems comprising chillers and fan coils.
  • Air heating and combination systems; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in one unit.
  • Heating, air handling units and central air conditioners;
  • smoke protection;
  • Automation and scheduling of all engineering systems buildings.

Stages of design works

  • Pre-project preparation, production of a statement of requirement;
  • Project Feasibility study;
  • Working draft of project;
  • The operating and maintenance manuals (developed after end of installation works).

When we select equipment for the design we use computer software from the manufacturers to determine the best equipment to be selected. We take into account the clients requirements and select the best product match balancing price and quality. We also take into consideration the wishes of the client with regard to the physical appearance of the unit especially where this will be located in visible areas.

To provide flexible and economical operation of buildings, we offer a central building control system, allowing a rapid response to any abnormality occurring during the operation of the building. Using a central control system reduces the operating costs of the building by allowing scheduling of the operation of the plant.